FaceTite™ utilizes bipolar radio frequency technology to firm facial tissues. Unlike other skin tightening procedures, FaceTite™ delivers bipolar RF energy, which allows for greater precision and control. Similar to facial liposuction, FaceTite™ can also liquefy small amounts of excess fat to accentuate facial features.

FaceTite™ radiofrequency-assisted liposuction is the use of gentle radiofrequency electrical energy to internally coagulate and liquefy fat cells and blood vessels.


How is the treatment performed?

FaceTite™ is a completely non-surgical skin tightening procedure that utilizes targeted radiofrequency energy to tighten the skin from within the dermis. The treatment is performed under local anesthetic so the patient feels nothing as the small hand-held applicator passes radiofrequency energy through an internal electrode. There are no incisions, only tiny pin-pricks that heal within days.


Dr. Mulholland helped develop the FaceTite™ procedure and offers his world-renowned expertise in the form of comprehensive training manuals.

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