CelluTite™ uses gentle radiofrequency electrical energy to reduce cellulite nodules and improve the appearance of uneven skin. CelluTite™ emits RF (radiofrequency) energy and the applicator measures skin temperature at all times, cutting off the RF energy when the end points are met.

Cellulite reductions of 30-70% can be achieved in a single CelluTite™ treatment, with results that last several years.


How is the treatment performed?

The CelluTite™ applicator is used to first coagulate and flatten the nodules. The RF energy from the tip melts the fat under the nodule, reducing and eliminating the nodule. CelluTite™ is a single treatment with a three-step procedure performed in approximately one hour. The cellulite to be treated has local anesthesia injected into it, rendering the CelluTite™ treatment painless.


In selecting and helping develop the technologies that best reduce the appearance of your cellulite, Dr. Mulholland has been at the forefront in pioneering both the radiofrequency and laser diode technology that is shown to have the best possible long-term therapeutic benefits.

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